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" Painting has been a staple in my life, nurturing my connection with the world- a tangible expression of appreciation through creating. I enjoy being expansive with subjects and experimentation. "
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Exhibitions Include:
​Nedbank sponsored, Igniton management organised: Rosebank Cinema Nouveau. November 2003

​South African Ballet Theatre: 1-18 March 2007 in association with Out Of The Box

​ Industrial Development Corporation: March, April, May 2007 in association with Out Of The Box

"The Many Facets of the Highveld": November 2009, at Little Brenthurst. The exhibition was a  partnership initiative between De Beers, the Diamond Route (an ecological, heritage and tourism initiative) and the South African National Biodiversity Institute, SANBI.

ABSA Bank Prosperity ClubExhibition: 22- 31 October
2013LESISMORECAMPAIGN Auction. Gallery MOMO: 25 June 2015
Rhino Trust auction :https://www.rhinotrust.org/event/the-success-academy-rhino-trust-gala-banquet-2016/



Penelope Hunter is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She began exhibiting her work in various Johannesburg art galleries in 2000.

Her work initially consisted of decorative figure studies and moved on to experimentation with a range of mediums and techniques.​ Subject matter includes figures, portraits, animals and landscapes.

Her style of painting often includes impasto and elements of abstraction.

Penelope's work may be found in South African art galleries and international buyers continue to request her work.